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We developed an innovative NutriMixer system for universal use in your A + B or crop
protection tank. The pump is able to mix the fertilizers in the stock tanks easily and
cost-effectively. It requires limited investment, but provides you with multiple
advantages. One Nutrimixer pump mixes 2 containers of 2200 liters each with air.
Fertilizers mixed uniformly in the tanks without precipitation and distributed
evenly throughout the irrigation systems, without sediment. The NutriMixer system
is easy to install and requires little maintenance, making it ideal for a wide range of
growers and situations.

Technical Specifications:

Power:                             1,400 W

Connection voltage:         230 V

Frequency:                     50/60 Hz

Air capacity:               250 m3/h max.

Height:                              3.1 mtr max.


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