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CHITO-Power is an environmentally friendly product, based on chitosanhydrochloride and seaweed extract. The composition of these ingredients makes CHITO-Power a unique product.
This product is based on the active ingredient chitosanhydrochloride which is licensed by EU legislation as a basic substance. CHITO-Power contains only natural emulsifiers which makes this product 100% water-soluble.


  • It forms a protective layer around the hair roots
  • The plant can absorb water and nutrients without problems
  • The product can penetrate deeper and better in the soil
  • The working substances within CHITO-Power will evaporate less

This product distincts itself from other products by means of its capability to suppress plant parasitic nematodes in two ways. CHITO-Power will stimulate the growth and development of gram-positive bacteria, which as a result suppresses the gram negative bacteria. The gram-positive micro-organisms produce in their turn natural substances that not only suppresses diseases bit also have a positive effect on myccorhyza symbioses.

The group of positive bacteria is substantially the same in both composition and function, and is in all soils omnipresent throughout the world. They strengthen the resilience of the soil, the resistance in the plant, and promote the exchange of nutrients and rooting.  CHITO-Power  has a formula that removes so called “heavy metals” f.a. cadmium, lead and mercury. As a whole, this product gives a boost to your plants and as a result an increased production in a healthy soil!

The positive balance would remain so in an optimal situation, but in an intensive cultivation this is unfortunately not feasible. Therefore, a regular application of CHITO-Power is a must for both your plants and the soil. CHITO-Power has no negative effect on the crop, soil and benefits soil structure, and can therefore be used in all cultivations without problems.

Dosage and application CHITO-Power

Use at least 8 liters of this product per hectare dissolved in a minimum of 600 liters of water. Apply CHITO-Power through drip irrigation at an interval of 6 weeks. Note! Must be dosed separately and please after a (sand) filter so the product does not stay behind in the filter partially.

Packaging units

10 litre can
20 litre can
200 litre barrel
1000 litre barrel

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