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Flusolforte is ideal for thoroughly cleaning empty greenhouses. We are happy to offer our recommendations!

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Flusolforte is very suitable for removing soot, dust, and rust. This product a fluoride-based greenhouse cleaning agent. It can be used for very thorough cleaning for severely contaminated surfaces, for example. It can be used on both glass and foil. This agent may affect glass coating. Please consult the instructions before use.

Flusol Forte has been the most reliable glass cleaner in greenhouse horticulture for over 50 years.


Dilute Flusolforte in water and apply this solution to a moistened surface. More contamination = higher dose. We are happy to offer advice.

It is important to prevent this product from drying out on a surface. Rinse with ample water after an activation period of around 10 to 15 minutes.

Notes on using Flusolforte

  • Do not let this product dry out
  • Do not use this product on coated glass
  • Only use Flusolforte in an empty greenhouse
  • Do not combine this product with other agents
  • It is not suitable for removing screen agents

This product can vaporise into a form that can be harmful for greenhouse crops. Make sure to only use this product in an empty greenhouse.


Normal pollution: 6%. With regular annual use, a dilution of 4% can be applied after testing. Thoroughly clean used equipment and materials with water after treatment.

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