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Disinfection and hygiene are a very important point, with this you prevent diseases and pests from entering your nursery or remaining in your greenhouse.

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Freebac is a mild disinfectant with a long-term effect. This environmentally friendly, active oxygen-based product is only activated when it comes into contact with microorganisms or other organic contaminants. This makes Freebac a very effective and smart disinfectant. It has an active duration of up to 110 hours, and a minimum dosing requirement.

Freebac-Clearoxyl® does not need to be rinsed, as it leaves no residue.

Hydrogen-peroxide has a strong oxidising effect. This makes it difficult to use: it is quick to react, and does not stop reacting. Freebac-Clearoxyl® has been stabilised using a gel on a natural product basis, including various food acids. Few chemicals are lost when using Freebac-Clearoxyl® since the hydrogen-peroxide reacts in a controlled manner.

Advantages Freebac

  • Very effective in eliminating microorganisms
  • Minimal application time (under 5 minutes)
  • This product leaves no residue
  • No need to rinse this product
  • Microorganisms cannot be or become resistant to this product
  • Colour, odorless and tasteless: the product has no bad side effects in the process
  • A long-lasting effect: the stabilizer of this product is so powerful that the agent can remain stable for an extremely long time (up to 110 hours)


Freebac-Clearoxyl® can be added to process water or used to disinfect machines or other surfaces. We are happy to tell you more about dosing.

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