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Virkon S

A disease outbreak can start with a single animal, plant, or fish and spread across an entire farm, greenhouse, or aquaculture system. Virkon S is a disinfectant used globally in livestock farming, and is also recommended by the industry and governments for the prevention and control of animal disease.

For over three decades, the revolutionary formula of this product has allowed farmers and cattle breeders to meet biosecurity requirements and to prevent and effectively combat disease outbreak situations. This disinfectant lets you prevent and combat pathogenic organisms with its broad-spectrum effectiveness. This product is a very suitable disinfectant for stable hygiene and veterinary use.

This disinfectant is effective against more than 500 disease-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi. The combination of effectiveness, biosecurity, simplicity and safety for users, animals and the environment makes Virkon unique and partly because of this it is used worldwide by individuals, organizations and governments.

Advantages Virkon

  • Virkon S has been globally approved by governments for combating key diseases (such and foot-and-mouth, swine vesicular disease, Newcastle disease, and more!)
  • No need to alternate, the unique mechanism of action prevents resistance from pathogenic organisms, eliminating the need to alternate with other disinfectants.
  • This product is biodegradable
  • Virkon S can be transported by air, sea, and land without restrictions. This saves on transport costs.
  • Virkon S is a proven effective agent

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