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A coating that partly keeps heat radiation out and at the same time diffuses the sunlight that does enter.

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ReduFuse IR

Redufuse IR partly keeps the sunlight out and the sunlight that does enter is diffused. So unlike redufuse only part of the sunlight enters, but it is diffused. This shading agent distributes the sunlight in the greenhouse and at the same time protects the crop against heat radiation, so it is extremely suitable for crops that benefit from diffused light but at the same time do not tolerate heat very well.

Features Redufuse IR

  • Suitable for both a glass and plastic greenhouses
  • Can be easily removed with the special variant of Reduclean (Reduclean for diffusion coatings)
  • The crop undergoes less stress
  • Provides a lower temperature of head and whole plant
  • High reflection of heat radiation

In the case of a plastic greenhouse: Many types of plastic often already ensure that the light is diffused to a certain extent, rendering the creation of extra diffusion redundant, but because Redufuse IR also reflects heat radiation, this can still be a valuable application.

Additional information

Pallet size: 100 x 120 x 110 cm
Packaging: Bucket of 15 kg
Number per pallet: 33 units

It is important to observe the drying time of this product, approximately 12 hours. If rain is expected within 12 hours when applying, we recommend that you wait a little longer before applying.

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