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When the crop suffers from too much heat but can make good use of light for production, the better choice is ReduHeat. ReduHeat is a coating that can be applied to any type of glass or plastic greenhouse. This product is extremely suited to crops that require a lot of light but are less able to withstand heat. This product can be applied in spring and summer.

The difference between ReduHeat and ReduFuse IR is in the degree of diffusion (Hortiscatter) and the extent to which heat radiation is reflected.

Features ReduHeat

  • Better yield and quality of the crop
  • Can be used in an even climate without peaks
  • Can be applied to any type of glass or plastic greenhouse
  • Can be easily removed with ReduClean

Use of this product

This product must be applied on a dry greenhouse. Before application, first mix with the required amount of (clean) water, ReduHeat can then be added while stirring. Stir the spray liquid regularly during application. We recommend applying this coating with a sprayer for the most even distribution. We are happy to advise you on the correct ratio of water and ReduHeat, which can differ per climate, type of greenhouse and type of crop.

Extra information

Pallet size: 100x120x110
Packaging: Bucket of 15 kg
Quantity per pallet: 33 pieces

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