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Biodegradable tomato clips

We can supply tomato clips in different colours and sizes, the clips are also available in a biodegradable variant. This means that the clips with the crop rotation do not have to be removed before the crop goes to the compost heap. This reduces the amount of required labour and therefore reduces labour costs.

The tomato clips have been developed for attaching tomato twine to the plant. The clips provide a strong and fast connection and guaranteed good development of the plant. The biodegradable tomato clips are brown in colour.

Advantages of biodegradable tomato clips

  • The biodegradable clips can go with the crop on the compost heap
  • The clip has an easy and quick mechanism
  • Open areas for optimal air circulation
  • No obstacle for the plant in growth and quality


We can also supply biodegradable tomato truss brackets. These brackets can/may also be placed on the compost heap with the crop. We always recommend a combination of organic tomato clips and brackets. If, for example, only organic tomato clips are used, the regular truss brackets still have to be removed because they are not allowed on the compost heap, this would not be very efficient. Labour costs are reduced most significantly when using both organic tomato clips and organic tomato truss brackets. Both can be placed on the compost heap with the crop and therefore do not have to be removed first.

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