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When used properly, a spray mask prevents health risks

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The order in which you put on personal protective equipment plays an important role in the protection of your glasshouse. Viruses such as the ToBRFV virus, are a constant threat. Moreover, these products not only play a role in protection, but also against spread. Below is the correct order of putting on personal protective equipment.

Why is it important to put on PPE in a specific order? This order is mainly important to follow the best possible hygiene measures. In other orders, the risk of spreading of the virus might be reduced, but some risk remains. And which grower would want to have to throw away the entire crop because of something like that? What type of personal protective equipment do you need? For optimal protection against viruses, you need the following PPEs:

  • Overboots/overshoes
  • Guest overalls/coats
  • Gloves
  • Half face masks and hair nets

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