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A natural way of growing and controlling plants!

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Control is a natural leaf fertilizer that boost the growth and wellbeing of a plant. Control consists of 6 special ingredients which are all natural and combined in a unique way. Some of the ingredients: Stains of seaweed, for example Sargassum and brown Algae. Cytokinin and other mineral elements. The ingredients are absorbed through the stomata of the leaves.

Characteristics of control

  • This product triggers the plant to flower earlier
  • With this product the plant is able to branch more and create shorter internodes
  • When using this product the stresslevel of plants will be reduced
  • When using this product your plants will grow more evenly
  • MPS* registered (MPS code 2288 section Fertilizers) * MPS is a Dutch registration system


500 ml per 100 liter; maximum 5 liter per hectare. Best is to apply Control once a week on most of the crops. To build up a level of Control in the crop, start 5-7 days earlier than your regular chemical PGR. Control can be mixed with chemical PGR’s. Test spraying is highly recommended.

Important notes

  • Keep in mind that control is a natural product and performs not completely the same as a chemical PGR.
  • Based on research and experiences of growers of different crops, we have a general advise on the dosage. However, dosage and interval may vary.
  • Always use a wetting agent for the best result.

So do you want more compact growth and more flowerbuds? And do you want less chemical stress and your plants to flower better and longer? Contact us!

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