News!Products from B+H Solutions new to the Hortus product range

Products from B+H Solutions new to the Hortus product range

At the beginning of April, Hortus and B+H Solutions GmbH entered into an exclusive partnership. B+H Solutions produces patented Nano trace minerals that help to get a stronger, healthier, and more resilient plant. Hortus, an international supplier of horticultural products, is now the exclusive dealer of these trace minerals in the following countries: Kenia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Japan, and Vietnam.

Strong and healthy plants feel good to the touch, are less susceptible to diseases, and provide the best possible yield. Besides a higher production rate, the plants are also not as burdened by fungicides since less is needed, and cut flowers have a longer vase life because not as much ethylene can form. B+H Solutions had created many different Nano trace minerals over the past few years, each of which has its own added value besides the previously mentioned benefits. Click here to watch the company film where Elmar Buder (founder of BH Solutions) explains their Nanotech innovations’ principles.

We are proud of this new partnership and are excited to start selling B+H Solutions products. Want more information? We’ll be happy to help.

View all Nano trace elements here.

Testimonial from Snack cucumber Almeria, Spain:

“Great flowering and fruiting.
High-quality production without residues.”

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